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ABN AMRO Corporate Banking INTRANET 


At the time, ABN AMRO had a number of intranet solutions working within its Wholesale Clients business (WCS).  The two principal sites included:

  • ABN AMRO WCS Global intranet

  • WCS B2E portal – “my portal”


These sites were, in part, currently driven by an expensive, profile-based technology. The implementation, however, did not reflect the working practices of the bank’s employees and would therefore be replaced by a more intuitive information architecture. The need to re-architect the site gave us the opportunity to redesign its look and feel to better align it with the recent WCS brand work. We had been asked to develop a specification for the new site, including the information architecture and design systems, delivering this solution early in 2004.The project has been broken into 3 distinct stages, with the first capturing, consolidating and documenting the various requirements from throughout the WCS organisation.


The scope of this project was to cover the functionality needed for the core WCS intranet. The site was principally a communication and information portal.  Transactional functionality was to remain on separate platforms.
The site was intended to handle essentially non-secure information, as it sits without password protection.  There remained a body of information that was deemed sensitive – even within the bank – that would remain beyond the walls of the WCS intranet. To increase both the usability and use of the site, a balance was to be struck between the bespoke requirements of each departmental group and the need to implement a common user experience across the site.
We had to design the content management and provided administrative workflow requirements to maintain the content on the site.



  • Research results showed that the requirements could be fulfilled with an Intranet site. This Intranet site has been set-up with a secured area and has accomplished to share the following knowledge:

  • Convey new methods of project tracking.

  • Introduce the Change Management department and the Investment Board.

  • Show the monthly tracking results on a secured area.

The concrete results of this internship are:

  • Change Management Intranet site is ‘live’.

  • A manual for the Intranet site is available.

  • Tracking of projects is easier due to new developed process. As of a result of the new process, tracking has become easier and transparent. As a result of the Intranet site, it is now possible to show the monthly results in a secured area and there is an extra medium to introduce the Change Management department and the Investment Board.

  • Web Design and Development.



We were involved in a 6 week process of requirements gathering and playback.  Initially, interviews were conducted with around 30 representative groups from across the business.  These contributors included representatives from the client facing departments across the sectors, representatives from each of the major product groups within WCS, representatives from the countries within which ABN AMRO operates and representatives from each of the WCS Service and support groups.  Initial requirements for the group were recorded before a consolidation exercise mapped all of the individual requirements against the universal set. This mapping was then circulated back round the key stakeholder representatives to fill in the gaps and ultimately drive a consensus position on the site requirements.  We provided key deliverables: content audit, work process flow, gap and task analysis and sitemap.  


ABN AMRO was very impressed about the analysis phase work and we sold the project.  ABN AMRO global intranet was built around users and stakeholders requirements.