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Aquent LLC is an employment agency headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.  Aquent gained recognition in the early 1990s as one of the first employment agencies to offer temporary workers accessible and affordable health benefits. With the emergence of the "talent economy" in the late 1990s, Aquent was identified by Fast Company as "perhaps the most robust and fully articulated example of a company that's reckoning with a world in which human capital functions like financial capital."  They pioneered the field of real-world skills assessment. 




Aquent always has been about change, finding new ways to work, and creating new solutions. We had to provide a strong search engine that catalogs independent talent around the world. We had to design tools/apps to help talents promote their work/skills using the Aquent website.  We had to set up an online timesheet so talents could get paid weekly.  The website had to appeal to Fortune 100 and 500.  Had to promote Aquent Magazine. Had to pushed the new brand and showcase Aquent's innovative, ambitious, creative, and technical expertise.



  • Organizational requirements gathering including talents and stakeholders interviews

  • Through in-depth research, develop a greater understanding of what prospective talents were looking for when considering freelancing.  

  • Re-design the site structure and information architecture to make it easy and intuitive for talents and clients to find information

  • Redesign all pages of the site to suit key audiences and create page templates, allowing easy reproduction across the rest of the site - wireframes

  • Design & site structure. Based on our user research we moved onto producing a series of interactive prototypes and working on the visual design.  

  • Integrated the new brand into UI

  • User testing. The best prototypes were then brought forward to be user tested before making final changes based on the findings - card sorting, personas, user journeys and task analysis

  • Website design and development delivery and support. The final stage of the project was to present our recommendations and final designs to Aquent's board and stakeholders



Worked closely with marketing, technical and creative departments within Aquent.  They wanted to redesign the whole website around the needs of key external audiences (talents and clients), rather than reflecting the internal aquent structure.



The new website was a great success and became one of the finalist for the 1999 MIMC Awards.  As a result of our work Aquent has gained comprehensive insight into their audiences. Ensured that they could position their site to fully support both their organizational goals as well as user needs. We developed an unique UI trend that was consistent and well in target with Aquent's brand initiative and communications.