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Social Media including Blogs & Messageboards are a way to connect with other people - to share views, news, knowledge and ideas, and also to build friendships. Most messageboards are easy to sign up to, and are free.




Message boards were victims of their own success; Howerd2 (server) could no longer reliably cope with the current demand. The volume of posting had doubled over the last year, despite not adding any new message boards.  The goal was to provide software applications to support both existing and potential online communities. These communities generally fell into two groups: those that formed around BBC intellectual properties and those that formed around issues that they saw as having public service value and were underserved by the commercial sector. 




Worked closely with BBCi technical team, stakehoders, end-users and product managers across the BBC petals, to deliver a social media system based upon internal business goals and users requirements.  BBCi was committed to providing functionality and web space for communities of interest to form.  The project followed a customer experience design process, starting with contextual in-depth research.  Following this, and working collaboratively with the BBC producers, we went through a full user experience design process, creating a full set of wireframes for the message board/online application. We thoroughly tested & evaluated the wireframe designs with users before handing these over to be built.


BBCi succeeded to supports its audiences. The key objectives were to make sure that high-quality content and services were provided to as many BBCi visitors and Community members as was possible.  DNA supported multiple sites, rather than just one (h2g2), empowered BBC audiences to create content, share and bring communities together.


  • Gain a full understanding of the target market and the needs and requirements of BBC bloggers and message boards users

  • Analyse the technical infrastructure, which could not handle the current volume of messages, even though they were re-engineered it 

  • Provide recommendations for the message boards templates website to accommodate different end-users 

  • Ensure that the user experience is consistent with the user needs and the BBC social media protocols

  • Web design and development