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Gluten-Free Shop

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At boonMarket GF, we strategically merge the convenience of an eCommerce platform with the tangible, engaging experience of a local shop. By launching an online platform alongside our physical storefront in Carcassonne, we provide global access to our diverse range of gluten-free products while fostering local engagement. Our eCommerce platform caters to customers worldwide, offering an array of locally sourced and produced goods, from gluten-free pasta and bread to uniquely crafted beer and versatile flour.

The physical boonMarket GF Shop is more than just a retail space—it’s a community hub. Here, both locals and tourists can directly experience and purchase our products. The shop also serves as an educational center where we host events and workshops focused on gluten-free diets and sustainable agricultural practices. This dual approach not only enhances our market presence but also deeply connects us with the community, promoting a lifestyle that values health, sustainability, and local craftsmanship.


- Health and Dietary Needs:The global rise in awareness and diagnosis of gluten-related health issues has surged the demand for accessible gluten-free products. However, availability remains limited in many areas, including Carcassonne. boonMarket GF Shop is poised to fill this gap, providing high-quality, reliable gluten-free options that cater to the health and dietary needs of the community.
- Economic Development: Carcassonne's economy, like many others, is ripe for innovative business models that not only boost local economic activity but also integrate sustainable practices. By partnering with local agricultures and leveraging the chamber of agricultors, boonMarket aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem of gluten-free organic products. This initiative will not only rejuvenate the local economy but also establish Carcassonne as a hub for gluten-free organic production.

boonHive is also pioneering a future where digital solutions and physical experiences converge for the greater good. Introducing boonMarket GF Shop – it reflects our commitment to creating a world that's not just more connected, but also kinder, more inclusive, and environmentally conscious.


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January 2024 - Ongoing


At boonMarket GF, our commitment to innovation begins with rigorous research and development. We collaborate closely with local agriculturists and the chamber of agricultors to create gluten-free products that meet high standards of quality and taste. Our R&D focuses on developing unique formulations that retain traditional flavors while being entirely gluten-free, ensuring that all products, from pasta to beer, are both safe and enjoyable for those with gluten sensitivities.

Research and Development:

Our flagship products include a diverse range of gluten-free options:

  • Pasta: Crafted using organic, local grains that ensure a delicious, firm texture.

  • Bread: Baked fresh daily, our bread comes in various forms, embodying the rich, hearty flavors of traditional French bakeries.

  • Flour: Sourced from local mills, our gluten-free flour blends are perfect for home baking, offering superior performance and taste.

  • Beer: Brewed locally using gluten-free practices, our beer captures the essence of artisanal French brewing.

Product Highlight

boonMarket GF Shop targets health-conscious consumers and those affected by gluten-related disorders within Carcassonne and globally through our eCommerce platform. We also aim to attract tourists seeking local, authentic gluten-free options, providing them with safe and tasty alternatives while they explore the rich cultural backdrop of Carcassonne.

Market Targeting

The global gluten-free market is projected to continue its rapid growth, driven by increasing awareness of celiac disease and other gluten sensitivities. By positioning ourselves in Carcassonne, a city known for its rich history and culinary heritage, boonMarket GF is uniquely poised to tap into this expanding market, catering both to local demand and international visitors.

Market Outlook

We are dedicated to sustainable practices and bolstering the local economy. Our commitment extends beyond commerce; it's about creating a community hub at our physical location where knowledge about gluten-free living and sustainable agriculture can be shared. Our collaboration with local farmers and businesses ensures that the economic benefits of our operations enrich the community.


Our vision at boonMarket GF is to become a leader in the gluten-free market by establishing a model that blends traditional artisan methods with modern, sustainable practices. We aim to not only transform Carcassonne into a known center for gluten-free food production but also to inspire other regions to adopt similar practices, making gluten-free living accessible and enjoyable for everyone.



Why Carcassonne, France?

Carcassonne is more than just a historical fortress town; it's a community with deep agricultural roots and a commitment to preserving and advancing its local economy. By situating boonMarket GF Shop in Carcassonne, we leverage the town's rich history and tourism draw, which helps in promoting our unique brand of gluten-free products.

Furthermore, the local government and chamber of agricultors are active partners in fostering innovative projects that align with our goals. Establishing our operation here allows us to tap into a network of skilled agricultures and enthusiastic collaborators eager to see the region thrive.

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