The essential genetic traits of an highly emotional intelligence -- creativity and intuition -- are what separate the great leaders from the average managers.


Any organization cannot survive on DNA alone. It must be complemented by skills that are learned and cultivated over time. In the end, the "X factor" is not an end-all, be-all trait that gives managers a golden ticket to success. Without hard work, business savvy and the ability to manage people, even the most creative and intuitive will fail.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

— Peter Drucker



As a web project manager/creative/UX lead, I coordinate and communicate the day-to-day tactical implementation of the front-end web site project, acting within the constraints of the project charters and goals, project budget, development schedule, and quality objectives laid out in the planning stages.


As a team member, I ultimately responsible for keeping the overall team activities focused on the site strategic objectives and agreed deliverables, and I continually monitor the scope of the project activities to ensure that the team stays “on time and on budget.”


I act as the primary contact between the web team and the sponsor and manages the overall communication among creative, and UX.  I , also, work closely with the technical lead, project manager and production elements of the web site team.


I work closely with the project manager, who create and maintain the project planning and strategy documents, budget spreadsheets, project schedules and Gantt charts, meeting notes, billing records, and other project documentation that details the team’s activities. 


  • Create project deliverables that clearly and persuasively communicate the vision for an experience strategy and the rationale behind it.

  • Direct junior, intermediate and senior UX designers during the UX and design process.

  • Deliver key project deliverables including discovery findings, user archetypes, user research and analysis, requirements definition, workflows, wireframes, sitemaps, interaction and behaviour specs.

  • Create digital experiences that can be mapped directly to the business and user requirements of the project.

  • Work closely with visual designers and UX developers while advocating the best design for the end user and giving/receiving feedback.

  • Lead new business pitches, and proactively extend existing and new client relationships.

  • Manage the interaction design process, drive decisions, track issues, and assist in estimating resource needs and schedules.

  • Manage and mentor junior to senior level UX designers.



Projects, I worked as the creative and UX lead, are: 


The esplanade 

Resolve family Mediation

Lauren Yoga

By HDP Riviera


Exchange E-Steel


Yoga Radiance
Emma Wright's Studio

Yahoo! Inc UK and Ireland

The Work Foundation

Met Police


Resolve Family Mediation

La florette

Viamericas Corporation

Ashtead Cancer Group

Caterham upon-Hill Parish


Cabinet d’Expertise Immobilière

The Work Foundation

Yahoo! Inc UK and Ireland

Cabinet d'Expertise Immobilière

Surrey County Council


BT Wholesale

Parametric Technology Corporation

Sara Faulkner Design