For me, it's felt like I've been climbing one mountain after another, and now I'm on a downhill slope. I'm no longer in physical pain and I'm increasingly enjoying life to the full, finding I can relax more and make my mind so like still water...


My journey has been a body-mind one, and teaching my body and mind to relax and be calm has been key to achieving my goals.




To successfully capture the essence of Emma as a body mind relaxation therapist and as a person.  Ensuring the website reflects her core business and pushes her brand.



  • To promote Emma Wright's Studio classes in Ashtead, UK 

  • To showcase her services

  • To book a class via her website

  • To provide a personal touch to her business objectives

  • To design and develop the website



Worked closely with Emma, which supported our very close collaborative approach throughout the project, which included strategy, design and SEO testing to deliver the perfect solution for her website.



Emma is very happy about her new website as it is bringing new prospective clients.