a new leader in the technologies that enable our connected lives

Nokia is a leader in mobile communications, enabling mobility through its different businesses.  Their devices & services business creates innovative mobile products for people around the world.

We combine global leadership in mobile and fixed network infrastructure, with the software, services, and advanced technologies to transform how smart devices and sensors tap the power of connectivity. With state-of-the-art software, hardware and services for any type of network, Nokia is uniquely positioned to help communication service providers, governments, and large enterprises deliver on the promise of 5G, the Cloud and the Internet of Things. 





The aims of the research were:


  1. To validate the wayfinding tool on the prototype nokia.com V2.0 homepage.

  • Do regional visitors recognise that the nokia.com homepage represents the worldwide Nokia site?

  • Do regional visitors feel confident that they could easily navigate to both their country/regional site AND the right content they are looking for?

  • Do business customers feel confident that they could easily navigate to the content that is specific to their needs?

  • To get feedback on the overall look and feel.

  • To test the labeling used on the site to ensure that they make sense to all users. If not, to get suggestions for better labels.

  • To validate the new nokia.com V2.0 design against the current nokia.comand competitors.􀂾

  • Show Nike/LG/Sony Ericsson/Nokia sites to elicit general feedback on homepage presentation/usability/wayfinding.􀂾

  • Use other sites as a benchmark/comparison against the new nokia.com design.


To decide which homepage design will be understood by a worldwide audience.  Once it was decided, our finding helped the design team at the agency to design and develop the homepage.



User groups were conducted in the following countries:

  • UK

  • USA


Each group was conducted in the following way

  • Discussion of competitor sites

  • Discussion of the new design for the nokia.comV2.0, the current nokia.com homepage and other selected competitors


The UI review of Nokia.comV2.0 homepage prototype allows us to find issues and ideas regarding:

  • Usability/functionality

  • Content

  • Consistency

  • Navigation

  • Visual appeal



After we finished the focus groups in the UK and USA, we gave NOKIA our recommendations to improve the homepage.

The global homepage should offer a ‘way finder’ tool which offers a multilingual menu for non-English speaker.  Textual information should clearly state what it does.  Trust is build when the user feels secure about his/her interaction with the UI.  Readibility must be improved. Font size for global navigation could be increased by 1 point. Font size and color for rollover menus need more contrast from the background.  Logo and slogan need to stand out more.  The content needs to be clear. Labeling needed to make sense for the relevant users,  and had to provide better description of sections. Navigation and visual systems had to be redefined to match a global audience.  NOKIA made an amazing improvement and the homepage was designed around a multilingual and cultural audiences.