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Why me?

In my experience, every project has its own vibe. Authenticity and clear communication are the real game-changers in building trust with clients. It's not just about having mad design skills, but being real about what you bring to the table. The standout designers?

They're the ones who deep-dive into understanding a client's vision and company aspirations. It's that extra mile that differentiates the cool from the legendary. And just so you know, web / app design and development? That's my jam.

What I do

UX research? That's where the magic happens—diving deep into user vibes and behaviors to craft experiences that are straight-up fire.

UX Researcher

Product design? It's all about designing awesome products that users can't live without.

Product Designer

UX design? It's all about crafting those intuitive, lit interfaces that users can't help but love and flow with.

UX Designer

I create, plan, and implement digital or multimedia content based on user needs and business goals.

Content Designer

Welcome to 'From UCD to Design Thinking: A Continuum of Business Innovation.' In this exploration, I bridge the past and present, uncovering the seamless connection between our earlier UCD (User-Centered Design) approach and the holistic mindset of Design Thinking in today's business landscape. Join me on this journey where continuity fuels innovation.

From UCD to Design Thinking: A Continuum of Business Innovation

"Age: The New Punk" is a dynamic blog challenging unconscious biases. I'm here to revolutionize the recruitment process and erase ageism, racism, and every other 'ism' holding us back. Step into my space for raw discussions, fresh perspectives, and innovative solutions for the 21st century. Join the punk revolution.

Age:The New Punk Blog

Mature woman laughing

Embark on a journey through 'My UX Stories Since the '90s,' a captivating narrative that traces my path through the ever-evolving world of user experience design. From the early days of the internet to the cutting-edge tech landscape of today, these stories offer a glimpse into the transformative trends, challenges, and insights that have shaped my career in UX design. Join me as we revisit the pivotal moments and timeless lessons that continue to inspire and inform my work in this dynamic field.

My UX Stories Since 1990s

Retro technology

Happy Customers

What they’re saying

"Colette was a pleasure to work with. Colette made the redesign of my website a simple process so that I could get exactly what I needed in a fraction of the time. The website she created is beautiful and interactive and I could not be happier with the results. I would recommend Colette to anyone who is looking to elevate their website without the usual headaches of website design."

- Isaiah Haber, Toronto Fashion Photographer 

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"From the outset Colette was very helpful and understanding to my needs, I felt comfortable straight away and believed she understood what my brand was. Colette really took my website and gave it so much life that as a novice I would't have been able to do, for this I'm grateful. I look forward to possibly working together again in the future."

- Sam Harridge CEO of de terra. 

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"I would without doubt recommend Colette and her studio to design your website. She is highly professional, understands one's requirements and converts them into a beautiful yet clean and current design that users love. Colette has captured the essence of me as a person and as a yoga teacher and it is portrayed very clearly on my website. I have had so much more traffic on my site and interest in my classes as a result of her work."


   - Lauren Grove Founder of LaurenYoga


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