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Why us?

At boonHive, our journey is driven by the visionary minds of our founders, Colette and Yesim – two individuals deeply passionate about harnessing the power of innovation for a better future.

Together, we lead boonHive with a commitment to excellence, a spirit of innovation, and a heart for making a meaningful difference. Join us in our mission to craft a future that’s brighter, more connected, and sustainably beautiful.

What Sets Us Apart

United in Purpose

At boonHive, Colette and Yesim channel their diverse expertise into distinct yet complementary projects, each driven by a commitment to innovate responsibly and make the world a better place. Colette spearheads software-driven initiatives like boonRecruit, boonHire, and boonDating, focusing on leveraging technology to enhance connectivity and opportunity. In contrast, Yesim, dedicates her passion and skills to boonaturals and gluten-free projects, engaging directly with physical and digital eCommerces to promote natural and health-conscious living. Though their workstreams diverge, their vision converges on a shared goal: to develop solutions that are not only pioneering but also sustainably and ethically grounded.

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Colette: Digital visionary and marketing expert with over two decades of industry leadership. Specializing in creating captivating online experiences from concept to development, Colette brings brands to life in the digital and physical realm, creating meaningful connections with target audiences. With a global presence, she has worked with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies around the world and is fluent in multiple languages, including English, French and Italian. Beyond design, her entrepreneurial spirit has honed her ability to identify market gaps, innovate quickly, and deliver data-driven, customer-centric solutions. As founder of booHive Ltd, Colette aims to contribute meaningfully to organizations that value innovation, inclusiveness and long-term growth.

Meet Colette 't Hart

Co-Founder / Founder

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Yesim: A seasoned technical engineer with 18 years of experience in customer support and a proven track
record with prestigious telecom giants like Motorola, Vodafone and Orange. She is a goal-oriented professional who values diversity and has a remarkable entrepreneurial background. Yesim's
entrepreneurial spirit led her to found two IT companies, one in the UK and the other in Vietnam,
specializing in software development, integration and management. Her commitment to excellence and governance has been instrumental in the success of these projects. In May 2023, Yesim embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey by founding boonHive, a company focused on bentonite markets and bentonite product offerings. With her extensive experience, she is poised to make a significant impact in this industry.

Meet Yesim Adali

Co-Founder / Founder

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